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Howdy folx!

I've recently taken up to updating my ONLINE EVENTS | PHILLY | page more frequently. So I thought it likely would be good to update my now page more frequently. We'll see about that. At some point, this might look like more blogs and RSS updates, but I haven't quite set up a workflow for that honestly. The in spite of a decent workflow I have at the moment text editor I use, [[Atom Text Editor]], is being deprecated by [[GitHub]] (which I've expressed discontent with in the past). So these things may change at any time.

I'm currently working on some blog posts for my inclusive engineering design course on the design and outcomes of a solar-powered synthesizer workshop I helped co-lead at a bookstore in Philadelphia called [[Iffy Books]]. The project was made possible through the [[Engaged Humanities Studio]] Fellowship Grant by the [[Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility]].

It's been about a month since I started using [[Futureland]] again so I can do rapid journaling for the different projects I've been working on through the day. While I still don't have the most satisfactory workflow between the journaling I do in [[Obsidian]] vs [[Futureland]], I think it's meaningful for me to continue to use both of these powerful tools that overall provide me benefit.

I haven't been listening to a lot of [[music]] lately. Definitely a lot of [[podcast]]s though. However, from the synthesizer workshops, to my engineering final project, [[data sonification]] of the [[Solar Protocol]] network, to making a playlist for friends, I am excited to say that music has been showing up in many other ways in my life. I'm currently really chewing on the idea of relationships to environment and identity informed by sound, which similar to the digital, has both physical and non-physical elements to its experience. I've also recently acquired a speed weave and some more darning materials, I'm excited to spend more time repairing my clothing as well as making bracelets for my online friends.

I think back to the various resolutions I made at the beginning of the year. There are plenty of things I stuck to, and plenty of things I did not. And, there are things I didn't expect to happen, like what I mentioned about music and sound, in spite of the fact I have often expressed that I've "quit" music, or seeing a nutritionist for the first time and deepening my food relations. Or even the conferences, trips, and internships I've done this year. Many of my small wishes have come true. Many things I didn't know someone like me could wish for have come true.

Overall, my senior year has been going really well, as a culmination of many things I have always wanted to do, though I always need to remind myself to take breaks and make space for myself. There's always more things to work on, like the new [[Swarthmore Mycology Club]] or Solar Protocol Hardware documentation or supporting prospective students and other young professionals. I am surrounded by many caring and creative people who make me feel warm, and I want to continue to do my best to share that warmth back.