Howdy I'm Pixel!


a dithered image of me surrounded by flowers

I am a multimedia artist and community builder. You may know me by a variety of names but I have no preference, as long as I know it's me. I am a member of the Chinese (Hokkien, Yi) and Burmese Diaspora from the Northeast US.

I am a user. I am an occassional Yelp Elite Reviewer. I specialize small scale solar energy systems and education.

I was born on Lunar New Year, the tail end of the year of the dragon. My family likes to refer to me as the smallest dragon because of this. I'm also the youngest of my siblings. I think small is good and beautiful.

Due to my visual/audtiory processing, you will often find me wearing earplugs and with captions on. I am a big advocate for accessibility. I listen to a variety of music from funk to punk caberet math rock to progressive post-hardcore to city pop. I consider music to be a very important part of my life and would be happy to make you a playlist if you'd like. My favorite color is red. I really like to eat chocolate.

Check me out in:

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