Howdy I'm Pixel!


What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a software for hosting social media network instances. You can learn about how it works on the Join Mastodon website. It is decentralized meaning no one owns the entire social media platform, instead people can host instances and then choose to connect to each other through federation. This means no ads, no algos, better moderation, and more genuine interactions. Here's a handy resource on why you might want to Run Your Own Social Network for you and your friends.

How can I follow you?

The Mastodon instance my account lives on, is run by Lurk_. By joining them through my account, I am able to connect to others who share my interests on their instance, as well as those that they are federated with on other instances.

Everything stays saved on their server, so I know where my information is being kept. To follow me, you can find an instance on Mastodon that shares your interests and values and then connect to me from there.

What's it like there?

The communites I interact with on Mastodon are mainly focused on F/C(L)OSS (Free/Co-operative, Liberated, Open-Source Software), accessibility design, and computational culture. Some of those communities include: I can also be found on the Described Media community list as I make regular efforts to produce media (images, videos, etc.) that is described, particularly through the usage of alt text.