Howdy I'm Pixel!


I want you to imagine an alternative internet with me. Gemini might not be that, but it is one way to look at it.

Most of us go on websites through HTTP, (HTTPS if you want to be a bit more secure). The gemini:// protocol also gives you an opportunity to explore websites that are built on a much smaller scale. Gemini is not meant to replace the web, but showcases what else the web could be: respectful of user privacy, readily screen reader accessible, and file sizes on tremendously smaller energy consuming scales. On gemini, you can say good bye to the obnoxious ads and cookies that eat away at your personal information, and say hello to little ascii plants or community zines.

The main landing page for gemini is circumlunar. One way to get started quickly is to check out someone's Gemini Quickstart! guide. I keep a bunch of articles and videos about gemini on this collection along with some tools that showcase its potential.

You can also check out my capsule, though be warned it is quite strange. I've given you a proxy link that brings gemini:// to https://, but you'll find some great clients along the way. I'm personally a fan of Lagrange. There are quite a lot of cool capsules on my radar and you can also search for other capsuls using the Gemini Search Engine.

Want to join-in the fun now? Open-signups are available at the following capsules:

I'm also a fan of the Finger Protcol, really a result of the awesome project that is Happy Net Box. If you've never used a Command Line Tool or Command Prompt on your computer, it should only take a few minutes. Feel free to message me if you run into any trouble. Below is a video of me using it.